School Yard Programming

Programming available from
May 21 to June 21, 2024


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Conservation Sudbury’s Outdoor Environmental Education team offers schoolyard programs for schools within the City of Greater Sudbury!

JK/SK – Kinder Discover

Meet Gus who dreams he is a tree and get to know some new tree friends in your schoolyard. Explore your schoolyard using your senses on a scavenger hunt and play some animal-themed games.

Grade 1 – A Season of Change

Explore the signs of the seasons in your schoolyard – games and a scavenger hunt will help you to notice and learn about how plants and animals change with the seasons.

Grade 3 + – Wild about Team Building

We can learn from the many ways that living creatures work together in the natural world. Participate in some “wild” team building activities in the outdoors which will help your class become a better team right in your own school yard.

Grade 1+ – A Spring Does of Vitamin N

Get a healthy does of “Vitamin N” (Nature), by spending time outdoors getting to know Nature, your schoolyard and yourself, all at the same time through a variety of nature appreciation activities.

Grade 2 – Creatures Grow and Change

Hear the story of Eggbert the Dragonfly and explore how insects grow and change. Look for signs of insect life in your schoolyard, and what parts of their life cycle you can find there!

Grade 3 – Don’t Treat Soil Like Dirt!

Discover the composition of soils in different areas of your schoolyard. Role play parts of the food chain in an active game that explores soil’s importance.

Grade 4 – At Home in the Habitat

Explore the community that calls your schoolyard home through a habitat study. An active game explores how habitats can affect animal populations.

Grade 4-8 – Survival Skills

Interested in Outdoor survival? Learn some practical skills in a safe, fun way, which can include the basic needs for survival with 5 Needs Scavenger Hunt, fire lighting or (mini) shelter building.

Grade 4-8 – Art in Nature

Discover the beautiful colours and patterns in nature in your schoolyard. Use the natural materials you have found to create your own natural masterpiece.

Grade 5 – Changing Climate

Role play how Greenhouse Gases work to warm the planet and consider where they come from and how they affect us. Explore some ways to help reduce Climate Change.

Grade 6 – Diversity of Living Things

Explore the Biodiversity in your schoolyard and play an active game that considers how habitat loss and fragmentation can affect animal populations.

Grade 7 – The Web of Life

Explore the web in your schoolyard. What are the biotic and abiotic components of your schoolyard ecosystem? Play an active Predator-Prey game to see how populations interact and affect each other.

Grade 8 – World of Water

Explore different surfaces in your schoolyard to see where run-off may occur and how this can affect our watershed and ultimately all of the creatures who live in it.