Mapping Tool

If your property is within a regulated area and you want to develop on it, you will need permission under Section 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act.

Conservation Sudbury has developed a web-based mapping tool to assist property owners in determining whether a project is proposed within or near a regulated area. This tool may be used to approximate the location of a potential development site. In accordance with provincial criteria and Ontario Regulation 156/06, the regulation mapping displays hazards in the Vermilion, Wanapitei and Whitefish River watersheds that fall within the jurisdiction of Conservation Sudbury.

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The information is based on the most up-to-date information available at the time the mapping was prepared. The regulation limits are governed by Ontario Regulation 156/06, thereby resolving any discrepancies in the mapping that may occur. Periodic maintenance of the mapping ensures its consistency and usefulness. The regulation limit shape file may be updated from time to time as new data may be acquired.

Please note that in the case of discrepancies between the mapping and the actual features on your property, the text of Ontario Regulation 156/06 prevails, and furthermore the jurisdiction of Conservation Sudbury may extend beyond the areas shown on maps. Before undertaking any of the activities referred to in the Regulation in or near the areas shown on maps, please seek professional advice and/or contact the Conservation Sudbury to determine the actual boundaries of the restricted areas. To assist in the interpretation of Ontario Regulation 156/06 please refer to the Determination of Regulation Limits Reference Manual.

Furthermore, please note that a property and/or proposal may be subject to other regulations under various other statutes, such as municipal bylaws.