Drinking Water Source Protection Program

The Drinking Water Source Protection Program works to prevent the contamination of our municipal drinking water sources in the Greater Sudbury area including Ramsey Lake, the Vermilion River, the Wanapitei River and 24 groundwater wells.

The Source Protection Plan is a locally-developed, science-based plan that meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act, 2006 by protecting sources of municipal drinking water from contamination and over-use. The Assessment Report provides the scientific basis for the Source Protection Plan. The intent and rationale behind the policy decisions can be found in the Explanatory Document.

The role of Conservation Sudbury (the Source Protection Authority) is to coordinate the protection of municipal drinking water sources from pollution by supporting a multistakeholder Source Protection Committee. The Source Protection Authority completes Annual Reports on progress made toward implementing source protection plan policies.


What's New

Seventh Annual Progress Report

The Seventh Annual Progress Report was recently released and provides an overview of Source Protection Plan implementation and activities undertaken in 2023.

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New Source Protection Committee Members

The Sudbury Source Protection Committee is looking for two new members:
Economic Sector: Agriculture or Small Business
Other Interests Sector: General Public, Public Health, Academia, Non-Governmental Organizations

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