Flood Management

Conservation Sudbury manages the risk associated with flooding and erosion as one of its primary roles and undertakes many responsibilities related to flood management including:

  • Completing floodplain mapping, modelling, and monitoring streamflow, rainfall and snowpacks
  • Regulate development in flood prone areas in cooperation with municipalities and the Province
  • Provide planning support and advice to municipalities to minimize flood impacts and issue warnings
  • Operate dams, berms, and erosion control structures
River Falls

Flood Control

Conservation Sudbury owns and operates several major flood control dams and other water management structures. This infrastructure helps manage flooding downstream and protects the health and safety of residents in our watersheds. Flood control infrastructure helps provide flood and erosion protection for existing development and helps reduce damage to buildings, roads, and bridges. Landowners, businesses, municipalities, contractors, developers, and the natural environment all benefit from the flood control structures operated and maintained by Conservation Sudbury.

This infrastructure must be invested in on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to serve our community. A State of the Infrastructure review was commissioned in 2018 and forms the foundation for future asset management decisions.

Conservation Sudbury owns and maintains the following flood control structures:

  • Maley Dam
  • Nickeldale Dam
  • Lake Laurentian Dam
  • Nepahwin Lake Dam
  • Frood Dam
  • Kelly Lake Weir
  • Romford Creek Berm
  • Onaping River Berm
  • Vermilion River Berm